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what we do

Fixate creates digital content that turns viewers into fans, and fans into superfans. 

Today's audience has thousands of TV shows and movies to choose from. We get them to pay attention to yours.

Fixate Digital™ founder Josh Wolk was the original Editorial Director of Vulture, which he turned into the pop-culture authority of the Internet. It talked to fans like a fan — like the best fan.

Vulture got inside the head of pop-culture lovers and gave them the infectiously fun, super-smart, authentic video and graphic content they craved. It fed their fandom, and spiked their interest about TV series and movies. Your TV series and movies.  

And now he’s working for you.

At Fixate, Josh and other top former entertainment editors use their traffic-spiking instincts and insights to create highly engaging social content that will break through the din of the Internet and hook your audience. That's how buzz begins.

Here’s how we do it.


when we talk, fans listen

Today’s entertainment fans reject anything that feels like an ad. But they listen when they feel organic excitement from a friend or favorite writer. Honed at the most trusted blogs, our voice gives Fixate content a peer-to-peer sensibility that fans trust.


To attract readers, good entertainment bloggers look for how a new movie or TV show overlaps with a preexisting fandom. Trained to find and capitalize on these pop-culture sweet spots, Fixate transforms passive viewers into a curious audience.


Using your inside access, we prepare "post-game" social content about big moments that viewers will hungrily embrace because it mind-meldingly anticipates all their questions and obsessions. This responsive fan service builds momentum, fan loyalty, and your own social engagement.

we get your talent to shine

As former entertainment journalists, we know how to get your writers, directors, and actors' guards down. The more candid and passionate your talent is, the more fans feel like this is content made for them.

we make news

We know the kind of video content that blogs pick to republish as news stories...because we used to pick it. By creating videos that influencers share, we amplify your reach.




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Welcome to the Fixate Hall of Logos, with some of the top streaming services and networks we’ve worked with (and dangled prepositions for). We’ve:

• ideated and produced buzzy videos around their new and returning shows

• analyzed and adjusted their social-video plan for show premieres

• and developed new, stronger, more distinctive voices for their social-media channels, giving them a personality that engagingly mirrors the networks’ brand identity, helping them speak to viewers the way their most popular programming does.

Our content draws in pop-culture fans because it speaks to them like the fan-friendliest content of Vulture. Many of the influential site's videos, graphics and games made under Josh Wolk's leadership would have been just as potent coming from studios and networks. Here are some classic examples:


Paul Giamatti Yells His Way Through Movie Love Scenes

To bring attention to his indie horror movie "John Dies at the End," Paul Giamatti played to his big-movie trademark, giving apoplectic readings of famous sensitive film scenes ("Twilight," "You've Got Mail") with “Difficult People”’s Julie Klausner.

"Breaking Bad" Gus Fring Halloween Mask

When Vulture posted this printable graphic soon after the character’s climactic and gruesome death aired on AMC, the mask was wildly shared by fans (and embraced and worn on the red carpet by Giancarlo “Gus” Esposito himself).

The "Friends" Quote Quiz

To rev up fans on the newly streaming classic, Vulture created a Hangman-style challenge to guess the oft-quoted line that accompanied a "Friends" freeze frame.

Gillian Jacobs Takes the Emoji Challenge

This video with the "Love" co-star was the perfect combo of What the Internet Wants: likable star of cult-favorite TV show talking social lingo and acting like someone you’d want to hang out with.




who we are

Fixate President Josh Wolk

Josh Wolk


As the original Editorial Director of Vulture, Josh Wolk grew traffic 900% by turning the site into a smart, funny and oft-imitated destination that led the new wave of today's obsessive online pop-culture coverage. Also a former top editor at EW and Yahoo, Josh spent years creating video and written content that speaks to pop-culture lovers, detecting and predicting their passions. 

For your project, Josh enlists entertainment-journalism veterans who have worked everywhere from EW to The Hollywood Reporter to GQ to People: Whether you're launching a fantasy franchise, reality show, or indie film, he knows savants for every genre. 



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