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For season 3 of Lifetime’s buzzy drama about the behind-the-scenes manipulations at a "Bachelor"-like reality show, Fixate produced a series of highly-shared videos that played to the show’s fan-favorite character: Quinn King (Constance Zimmer), the highly quotable, foul-mouthed boss of the reality show within "Unreal".


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Fixate created a social bible for the cable channel, designing a social voice and approach to best connect with their comedy-fan audience. We also devised video concepts for their shows "Documentary Now!," "Portlandia," and "Stan Against Evil," as well as for their movie library.


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Many of the influential site's videos, graphics and games made under Josh Wolk's leadership would have been just as potent coming from studios and networks.

Paul Giamatti Yells His Way Through Movie Love Scenes

To bring attention to his indie horror movie "John Dies at the End," Paul Giamatti played to his big-movie trademark, giving apoplectic readings of famous sensitive film scenes ("Twilight," "You've Got Mail") with Julie Klausner.

"Breaking Bad" Gus Fring Halloween Mask

When Vulture posted this printable graphic soon after the character’s climactic and gruesome death aired on AMC, the mask was wildly shared by fans (and embraced and worn on the red carpet by Giancarlo “Gus” Esposito himself).

The "Friends" Quote Quiz

To rev up fans on the newly streaming classic, Vulture created a Hangman-style challenge to guess the oft-quoted line that accompanied a "Friends" freeze frame.

Gillian Jacobs Takes the Emoji Challenge

This video with the "Love" co-star was the perfect combo of What the Internet Wants: likable star of cult-favorite TV show talking social lingo and acting like someone you’d want to hang out with.


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When the popular video content creator for teen girls wanted to develop a blog for its website, Fixate assessed the marketplace and devised a distinctive strategy with relatable, empathetic writer/video hosts. Their connection to the audience would make the site a destination rather than just another source of individual posts that lose their brand in social feeds.